Our Rope Access team can install all forms of high level banners and signage for customers across Scotland.

Our difficult access rope access team are fully qualified and certified to complete installation of large format signage in a safe way. This includes signage such as vinyl, PVC and building wraps.

Due to the versatile nature of rope access, we can install signage and banners on buildings, historic structures, bridges, cranes and more. We evaluate each job individually and will advise on the best methods of installation for a safe, professional result.

Our banner and signage fitting services include:

  • The assessment of building/ structure
  • Health, safety and risk assessments
  • Signage and Banner fitting and installation
  • Signage and Banner removal
  • Scheduled cleaning of signage in long term positions
  • Emergency callout service (for removal & repairs)
  • Signage and banner repair, maintenance and replacement

The advantages of Rope Access

Access. Whether it be the side of a Church Steeple or half way down a high rise block of flats repairing cladding. Rope Access can be used in so many different situations and there are very few limiting factors. A single rope access contractor can access multiple points in a single session. Scaffolding in comparison is restricted to its set up location.

Speed. Scaffolding can take days to construct depending on the complexity of the structure is is being erected around. Rope Access is a quick system to set up and pack away. This makes it ideal for more regular inspection work and for emergency roofing building maintenance.

Safety. While you may think that hanging from the end of a rope doesn’t sound very safe, we follow IRATA guidelines when working at height. Each member of our rope access team is attached to two independent anchor points. Compared to scaffolding work and powered access lifter work, this is a lot safer.

Minimal Hassle. The set up of scaffolding may require road closures, pavement access issues and other problems that require permits and permission. Even access to someone elses property to set up can be an issue. With Rope Access, there is minimal inconvenience.

emergency rope access work

Where can rope access be used?

An easier question might be where CAN’T rope access be used? The sites where we can use rope access services is near enough infinite. From abseil window cleaning to roofing, building maintenance and steeplejack work.

Our Rope Access Services can be used for:

Anti Bird Netting

Bird netting is a cost effective bird control method that can protect your signage and advertising banners from pest problems. From pigeons to starlings. We can even install heavy duty anti bird netting to protect against larger birds such as seagulls.

Bird netting can be used to cover large areas of your facility including shelters, roofing structures, building facades and outdoor manufacturing equipment that can be affected by loitering birds. It is an incredibly effective and versatile system and when properly installed, offers a humane solution to preventing birds from nesting in your premises.

Access Platforms

While rope access excels in difficult access locations, we can also offer, either as a complimentary service or as a suitable alternative, access platform services for the hanging and fitting of signage and banners. Our Mobile Access Platform offers the ideal solution for fitting signage and banners onto external structure points. The telescopic platform can reach a maximum height of 23 metres or extend outwards up to 13 metres to provide our contractor team safe access to conduct necessary repairs, cleaning and fitting work.

As part of our never ending commitment to invest in our team and our equipment, this mobile access platform offers the most advanced aerial platform system available on the market. With S3 EVO Smart Stability System for safe, smooth and precise control, our aerial access platform can offer three core benefits:

Fast, responsive access

An aerial access platform allows fast, responsive access to sites without the need for scaffolding. Scaffolding can be an expensive and time consuming process to erect. An aerial platform can quickly access the same points without hindering building access or requiring permits. This means that whether you require emergency repairs caused by storm damagestonework repairs or scheduled maintenance plans, our access platform system can offer the very best in difficult access solutions.


Working at height can be dangerous. But with our Aerial Access Platform, the integrated S3 EVO system controls the permitted manoeuvres available to reduce the chances of an accident while allowing our roofing and building maintenance contractors to focus on the job at hand – safely. The system has ‘Return to home’ function that upon selection, returns the access platform to the initial rest position while the ‘Work Function’ ensures that the platform follows the necessary activation steps to correctly open the boom and avoid any collision damage.


Our mobile access platform offers many advantages over other methods of access solution including ‘Up & Over’ access which, thanks to the height and reach of the platform, means that it can access complicated roofing and building structures such as Church Spires more easily. The compact dimensions of the access truck means that even on the tight and twisty streets so common in Towns across Scotland, we can still access the necessary ‘at height’ points.

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At Balmore, we are a reliable, reputable and professional Difficult Access Specialist Contractor. With over three decades of roofing experience to draw upon in both industrial and domestic projects, our mix of expertise and experience has seen us become one of the top rated difficult access building restoration and roofers in Glasgow.

Our building restoration work across the central belt of Scotland (covering everything from Stonework to Leadwork, Cladding and Lightning Protection Systems) is renowned. Our team of restoration experts are fully trained, qualified and certified to offer you the very best in professional building restoration and repairs.

We utilise the latest in equipment including aerial drones for roof surveys, mobile platforms (as mentioned above) and ‘at height’ specialist rope access equipment so that we can access and repair all areas of a building, regardless of how difficult they are to reach.

It is little wonder that after more than thirty five years of roofing and building maintenance across Glasgow, we have become the go to contractor for our customers in both domestic and industrial sectors who look for the very best in roof repairs and building restoration.

And our signage and banner installation and repair work is just another example of the diverse work that we can offer our customers. One call to Balmore and we can conduct a roof and building inspection, fit building wrap around signage while cleaning the delicate stonework and then supply 4K video and photography of the building, complete with signage – ideal for marketing material.

To find out more about the work that we can provide across Scotland, please contact our Glasgow head office today by calling 0141 944 6100 or email sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk. For enquiries on the East Coast of Scotland, please call our Edinburgh office on 0131 314 2896.