While ground floor window sealant replacement is easy and lower floor windows only require a set of ladders, what do you do when you need to repair or replace window sealant on windows higher than this?

Scaffolding is an expensive solution that can take days to erect, requires permits and then days to deconstruct. The best way to repair window sealant on buildings at height is using Rope Access.

What is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a rope system (similar to what climbers use) that allows safe working at height access. We use rope access for countless building and roofing maintenance and repair services and it can even be used for indoor locations. Where scaffolding and lift vehicles cannot access, Rope Access provides the ideal difficult access solution and is a favoured solution for historic buildings, Churches and even cladding services.

Window sealant replacement using rope access team
Window repairs using Rope Access across Scotland

Window Resealing

Across Scotland, the varied weather is all that it takes to damage a window seal. The freezing cold winters and the moderately warm summers with near constant year round rain means that the seal around a window can expand and contract regularly. Eventually, this movement will create a damaging effect that requires windows to be resealed.

The benefits of resealing windows

Resealing windows can help to reduce draught and heat loss. Having your windows resealed will help reduce your buildings energy requirements, saving on heating costs. It will also help with sound reduction. Loose sealant around windows has been known to create ghostly sounds in high wind and the sealant moves around like a guitar string.

Rope Access Window Sealant Replacement Services

Across Scotland, we provide rope access services for industrial and commercial properties that require fast acting, cost effective building maintenance and roofing solutions. We can cover an entire building side in one day (building size dependant) replacing window sealant as part of a maintenance contract for buildings. With our difficult access equipment, we can work on buildings old and new and because of the nature of rope access, we do not need to erect costly scaffolding.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our rope access window sealant replacement services, please contact our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 944 6100 or call our East Coast Edinburgh number on 0131 314 2896. We can discuss your requirements and answer any and all questions you have about our rope access work.

cladding and window repairs on buildings using rope access