We are Balmore Specialist Contracts, your local Glasgow Roofer with over thirty five years as a local roof repair, maintenance and new roofing company.

We undertake all aspects of roofing work, from roof repairs to new roofs and flat roofing with a team of fully qualified and experienced roofers fitted with Rope Access equipment so that we can access any and all roofing locations – ideal for historic buildings in Glasgow such as Church spires.

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roofer fixing a late roof on an old building in Glasgow

Roofing Services

  • Tiled Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Flat Roofing
  • Tenement Roofing
  • Historic Building Roofing
  • Lead Flashings
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roofing Installations
  • New Roof Fitting
  • Building Maintenance
  • Annual Roofing Maintenance
  • Emergency Roof Repairs

Glasgow Roofer fixing a slate roof

Our Experience

At Balmore, our roofing and building maintenance division is over 35 years old.  Our experience in flat roofs, slate roof repairs, lead work, chimney work and everything in-between has seen as become one of the very best roofers in Glasgow.

We are experts in our field and use industry-led, scientific and engineering practices to ensure our work is of the highest standard and has integrity. So from our Rope Access Roofing Team to the aerial drones and thermal imaging cameras we use to detect and repair leaks in roofs, this recipe has seen us expand and grow from our humble beginnings to become the company we are today. Serving residential and commercial roofing customers in and around not just Glasgow, but the central belt of Scotland  Come rain or shine.

our team cover all of Glasgow

At Balmore, our repeat client base, our workmanship and our ethics speak for themselves. Our team of roofers are trained, qualified and certified to work on all types of Glasgow Roofing style and construction along with related building restoration projects.

We’ve been Glasgow’s recommended roofing company for decades now and hope to continue serving the people of Glasgow and across Scotland for many years to come. At Balmore, we want to retain our position as Glasgow’s best roofing contractor and always strive to provide great quality services to our customers each and every day.  Whether you need our services because of a leak in your roof because of missing or cracked slate tiles or you need a completely new roof because your current roof is suffering from nail rot or similar issues then we are just a phone call away.

Where we cover

We are based in Glasgow but our services are frequently called upon across the Central Belt of Scotland.  From historic buildings in Edinburgh to large sandstone homes in the Southside of Glasgow and all the way across Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and the West Coast of Scotland.  From the areas we cover to the quality roofing service we provide, it is easy to see why we have grown to become one of the leading roofing contractors in Glasgow and across Central Scotland.

Part of The Balmore Group

For nearly four decades, we have grown from a one man operation into a proud leading member of The Balmore Group. Through this business chain (which roofing is just one cog of many) we can take advantage of so many other areas within the range of companies to truly offer you more than our competition.

From commercial grade drone surveys equipped with thermal imaging cameras to track weak points in roofs to ‘difficult access’ specialists and at height rope access personnel that ensure that no matter how big, complex or difficult to access, we can fix, maintain, service and repair your roof.

Glasgow Roofer

Practical, value-for-money roofing

As part of our service, we offer advice and estimates on all kinds of buildings, from small houses to ancient monuments and historic sandstone buildings. We always give cost-effective and practical solutions. As roofing specialists, we have the experience and proven track record to offer such solutions and practical experience,which is not always the case with every other roofer in Glasgow.  We undertake robust and lasting roof repairs to all types and materials of roofs and always aim to complete projects on time without compromising the quality of work.

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