At Balmore, we provide a complete stonemason service for building maintenance, historic building restoration and stonework cleaning.

Our stonework services cover:

  • Brick work cleaning & repairs
  • Sandstone cleaning & repairs
  • Concrete cleaning & repairs
  • Granite cleaning & repairs
  • Lime Pointing
  • Brick Pointing
  • Building Extensions
  • Emergency Building Repairs

Over 35 years of recommended stone masonry services across Glasgow.

Across Glasgow, we provide stone repairs and cleaning on all types of building stonework found in Glasgow with a specialist ‘historic building restoration‘ service that can prove so vital with the diverse range of older buildings in the city. From repairing damaged sandstone on a residential property to cleaning graffiti paint from stonework without damaging the stone surface, our skilled stonemasons are fully qualified in the repair, cleaning and restoration of sandstone and similar vulnerable building materials commonly used for churches, cathedrals, historic buildings, town halls, statues and public and private property.

from large city center buildings to local sandstone houses
Stonwork repairs both big and small across Glasgow

Difficult Rope Access Stonework Repairs

As a difficult access specialist using rope access teams, we can provide our stonework repair service for even the most difficult to access building. This makes us the perfect local stonemason for the repair of historic buildings such as churches and other sandstone buildings in Glasgow.

rope access stonework repairs on historic buildings

Stonework Cleaning

With so many of the historic sandstone buildings in Glasgow being over 100 years old, the decades of carbon staining, bio-matter build up (such as moss and algae) and other staining can lead to stonework looking discoloured and damaged. We can provide cleaning solutions for stonework that is non abrasive and can restore your red or blonde sandstone to ‘as new’ condition using Softwashing, DOFF Steam Cleaning, TORC Blasting and other cleaning methods for powerful results that care for the stonework of your building.

stonework cleaning
Historic Building Stonework Cleaning

Stonework Paint Removal

Many sandstone homes across Glasgow have had their exterior walls painted over not just once but multiple times with thick, heavy duty outdoor paints. For homeowners looking to remove this thick layer of paint to reveal the natural beauty of the sandstone of your property, you can now call on Balmore to provide a superior sandstone cleaning service.

paint removal from stonework
Removing paint from sandstone stonework

Emergency Building Repairs

Some buildings can be damaged because of storms, others can be through accidental damage such as a traffic accident which some stonework damage can be caused through water penetration. Sandstone is famous for being a very porous material. The more water it absorbs, the weaker it gets. It is not uncommon for homes exterior walls to simply crumble away as the water build up simply gets too great. In these situations, we provide an emergency building maintenance and repair service. Call 0141 944 6100 for more information.

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With so many types of building across Glasgow, having an experienced Stone Mason equipped to handle difficult access locations, lead work and other masonry related services, Balmore are perfectly placed to provide all forms of stonework service.

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stonework services in Glasgow
Stonework repair, cleaning and maintenance in Glasgow