Specialist Rope Access Contractor across Scotland and the North of England.

We provide rope access services for ‘at height’ repairs, maintenance, cleaning and installations. We are one of the leading Rope Access Teams in the UK with a full time in-house rope access team offering our customers both internal and external rope access work for Commercial, Industrial services.

Our Rope Access Services can be used for:

rope access team conducting bolt inspection work

What exactly is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a safe method of working at height using rope systems and related equipment. It is the exact same type of climbing equipment used in mountaineering, rock climbing and abseiling. Because it can be used almost anywhere with little in the way of set up requirements, the uses for Rope Access are near limitless. It has become one of our signature services for customers who require difficult access cleaning, repairs and inspection work carried out.

Is Rope Access limited to outdoors and building exteriors?

Rope access can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor rope access services can provide interior building maintenance work on difficult to access high up locations such as Theatres, Churches and other high ceiling spaces. And the same equipment can be used to conduct roofing work and repairs for historic and difficult to access Church Steeples.

rope access services

How Rope Access can reduce the costs compared to Scaffolding

Scaffolding can be an expensive and time consuming part of a repair or maintenance job. It can take days to set up and deconstruct and there is the daily hiring charges included which can easily ramp up the costs of a job – especially if it is a large scale restoration job.

Alternatives to scaffolding including Cherry Pickers are limited by access to certain locations and ladders can only go so high. With Rope Access, we can provide an affordable and fast reacting service that is cheaper, faster and more usable.

Cladding Repairs and Replacement using Rope Access

Across Scotland, there are hundreds of residential and industrial buildings that use cladding systems. Because of the difficult access nature of building cladding, rope access systems offer the perfect solution for either repairs or replacing cladding systems in Scotland.

From our Head Office in Glasgow, our at-height team work in key sectors including the Wind Energy Sector, Railway Industry, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. Our Rope Access Team are trained, qualified and certified to work at height on anything from specialist welding to protective coatings, inspections and repair & maintenance jobs.

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Our Glasgow Head Office

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our Rope Access Services and the many benefits they have over traditional forms of access including scaffolding, please contact us. We can talk you through the process of using rope access and share case study examples of the work we have done in this field before. At Balmore, we are one of the leading Building Maintenance and Roofing Contractors in Scotland and Rope Access is one of our specialist services that allows us to become Difficult Access Experts. Please contact our Glasgow Head Office today by calling 0141 944 6100 or by emailing sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk

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