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We are frequently being called into action for difficult access building maintenance and repair work for cladding replacement services.

Re-cladding of high rise buildings is, at the best of times, a difficult job. It requires specialist rope access teams and access cradles systems to remove the existing cladding panels and replace them with new panels. Our rope access team can remove and replace cladding on buildings of all heights with no significant disruption to tenants day to day lives and with no unsightly and expensive scaffolding being required.

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Rope Access Cladding Replacement

External Cladding Replacement and Installation

Our rope access team install external cladding systems for apartments, high rise tower blocks, schools, residential and domestic properties as well as industrial facilities, factories and office buildings. We work with your chosen facilities team to make your buildings exterior cladding safe for your residents and occupants.

Why does existing cladding need to be replaced?

After the horrifying Grenfell Tower fire in London, building cladding has become a significant issue for so many high rise buildings across not just London but across the country and all of Scotland. It highlighted an issue with Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding that for a period was a commonly used material for building cladding. The Governments department overseeing the Grenfell disaster have said that the most dangerous forms of ACM cladding are unsafe on buildings of any height.

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Working on cladding, piping and damaged stonework building maintenance work

Across Scotland, there are an incredible number of buildings that still have ACM cladding panels that need to be replaced.

At Balmore, we are one of the most experienced building maintenance contractors in the country. With our head office in Glasgow, we cover the whole country offering building maintenance and rope access services to help remove and replace dangerous ACM (and non ACM) cladding from buildings quickly and safely.

Government Funding

Cladding Replacement Plans are being accelerated by Government funding that has been put into place to help replace all dangerous cladding systems used on buildings across Scotland. With so many buildings in the country being constructed using dangerous and fire hazardous cladding panels, it is imperative that this work be completed.

At Balmore, we are a name that can be trusted for all manner of roofing, building maintenance and rope access work. To speak to our team and discuss your buildings cladding problems, please call our Glasgow head office today on 0141 944 6100 or email

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