Across Glasgow city centre, the historic buildings that span the centre of the city all share one thing in common. They are all made of sandstone.

And while sandstone was a popular choice of building material in its day (you can read more about sandstone here >>>), it is used less frequently nowadays because while it is easy to cut and shape, it is also very absorbent which, in Glasgow’s rainy climate can sometimes work against it.

It means that from time to time, we receive calls from building owners in Glasgow who require emergency stone removal.

When sandstone becomes overly saturated, it can begin to literally crumble like a dry sandcastle on the beach. If this stonework is a supporting/structural element to the historic building, this can prove to be a significant issue.

damaged stonework repairs

We operate a team of Rope Access Stonework Repair Specialists that can provide emergency stone removal. It means that wherever your buildings stonework is failing, we can access it quickly. We do not require scaffolding to access the faulty stonework and our team can conduct a complete restoration and repair service to repair the issue.

For nearly 40 years, we have grown to become one of Glasgows leading roofing and building maintenance firms. Specialising in historic building maintenance and repairs, we are difficult access specialists and can work on common sandstone properties across Glasgow ranging from Churches, City Cenre Office Buildings and traditional sandstone homes.

Our rope access team allows us to offer our building maintenance services at very competitive prices because we do not have the added cost of scaffolding set up. It also means that we can conduct our emergency stone removal services quickly.

emergency stone removal
Emergency sandstone removal

From our head office in Glasgow, we cover all of the central belt of Scotland for all Historic Building Maintenance and emergency building repair work.

If you have noticed sandstone brick work on your property beginning to fail, call us today to arrange a site visit where we can diagnose the issue in more detail.

emergency stone removal team based in Glasgow
Our Building Maintenance Team based in Glasgow