There are times when scaffolding is both an impractical, costly and unworkable option for industrial roofing.

In these scenarios, Rope Access Roofing can provide a genuine alternative that offers significant cost savings over scaffolding.

As one of the leading Rope Access Roof Repair companies in the Central Belt of Scotland, Balmore have grown from our humble beginnings to one of the very best roofers for Industrial customers.

Since our foundation over 35 years ago, we have constantly grown, expanded and strengthened our core services and personnel so that we can exceed the service offered by our customers.

Why is Rope Access Industrial Roofing better than Scaffolding Access?

It is not so much that it is better than scaffolding access for roofing, more that it offers significant benefits and alternatives to scaffolding. Across Glasgow, the unique architecture and layout of buildings for Residential, Commercial & Industrial means that there are times when erecting scaffolding simply cannot work. Whether this is through limited access or not enough space to erect scaffolding, it doesn’t matter because industrial roof areas still need to be maintained and repaired. Whether this is from more historical slate industrial buildings or more modern premises, our Rope Access team can access and location on a roof with ease.

What are the cost savings of Rope Access Roofing?

The cost savings vary from site to site but to give you an explanation as to the cost savings of Rope Access, we simply need to look at the cost of scaffolding.

With scaffolding, you have the rental cost of the actual scaffolding itself, as well as the time delays of simply erecting scaffolding. The longer a project lasts, the more costly scaffolding access can be.

With Rope Access teams, we use the same high quality Climbing Gear that Mountain Professionals use. Apart from some minimal safety set up, we can get to work that same day on roof repairs (which can prove to be invaluable if time is of the essence).

industrial rope access team
Our Rope Access Team working on a Slate Roof in the City Center

If your Industrial Premises needs a reliable roofing service with a genuine alternative to scaffolding access, call Balmore today.

From our head office just outside Glasgow, we can provide Industrial Rope Access Roof Repairs across the Central Belt of Scotland.

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