Specialising in all aspects of industrial cladding installation, repair and replacement for clients across the Central Belt of Scotland for over 35 years.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we provide cladding work for all aspects of commercial and industrial building. From steel wall cladding and roof sheeting to composite cladding. When it comes to fitting, maintenance and repairs, you want a trustworthy, professional roofing and building maintenance contractor to call upon and for nearly four decades, we have been providing that exact service for so many industrial facilities in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the many industrial estates across the Central Belt.

accredited industrial roofing and building maintenance services

We have undertaken roofing and building maintenance contracts for:

industrial cladding services across the Central Belt

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of industrial buildings both old and new, we are always capable of meeting the challenges set by our clients. And that is because we are more than just another roofing and building maintenance contractor. We are a difficult access specialist!

With an in-house rope access team, an aerial drone inspection division and a commercial and industrial cleaning contractor division, we are part of the much larger Balmore Group. A collection of compnaies offering the complete inspection, repair and maintenance package. What does this mean? It means that under one roof (no pun intended), we can provide cost effective cladding installation, replacement and repairs using Rope Access teams that can save you considerably on scaffolding costs. We can provide thermal inspections of your buildings structure with aerial drones that allows us to see issues that the naked eye simply can’t. And through our cleaning division, we can ensure that your buildings cladding is maintained and cleaned properly, even from graffiti vandalism.

Our Industrial Cladding Services

  • Composite Cladding Systems
  • Built Up Cladding Systems
  • Repairs to existing Cladding Systems
  • Replacing Existing Cladding Systems
  • Building Inspection
  • Cladding Cleaning
  • Corrosion Treatment & Re-Coating
  • Roof Cladding

Shapes, Sizes and Colours

We can install cladding in a variety of colours and sizes so if you are looking to replace cladding on your industrial facility and want to make a visual impact then we can offer the perfect aesthetic solution for you that can really help establish a stronger brand identity for your business.

Professional, reliable industrial cladding contractor

Cladding Repair, Maintenance & Refurbishment

We can conduct a visual inspection of your industrial facilities existing cladding system and provide you with a report on the current condition of the buildings roof and wall cladding. We can provide repairs to existing cladding that has been damaged through storms, vandalism or simply through age fatigue and we can work on maintenance contracts for your building that covers and repairs, cleaning and replacements.

Cladding Replacement

If your existing cladding roof is failing and the repair costs have been mounting then it may be the right time to future proof your industrial building with a strip and reclad roof replacement. Our industrial roofing contractors can remove an existing roof cladding system and install new cladding system with minimal disruption to day to day operations for your business. We understand the importance of keeping your business running. And thanks to our combination or Rope Access, experience and specialist skills, we can keep the disruption to a minimum by reducing the need for scaffolding.

Fire Damage Restoration

In industrial buildings, the risk of fire is always one that has to be taken seriously. Yet despite our best efforts, fires can and do happen. If your Industrial Facility has been hit by a fire, we can provide a complete fire restoration service. From removing and repairing damaged cladding to cleaning fire soot stained cladding even in difficult to access locations with your Rope Access team.

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