The Wind Sector is a constantly evolving and developing energy sector across Scotland. Yet with each and every new wind turbine that is erected, there becomes an growing demand for inspection and maintenance services for the ever increasing number of these wind turbines.

The UK is one of the top 5 producers of wind power in the world with wind turbines located both on land and offshore. With the sheer number of wind turbines across Scotland, the need to maintain and inspect them regularly requires a fast and effective access method.

We are Balmore Specialist Contracts and we provide a Rope Access Services specifically tailored for the growing demands of the Wind Energy Sector.

wind turbine blade inspection
Our Rope Access Team conducting a Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Rope Access is a fast and effective ‘difficult access’ method that uses ropes and climbing equipment to gain access to locations that are simply not possible to access using conventional methods such as scaffolding or cherry pickers.

The rapid assembly of our rope access systems ensures a minimum downtime of individual wind turbines.

wind turbine blade coatings
Rope Access provides a cost effective and powerful access tool for the wind sector.

What services can our Rope Access team provide?

We can provide maintenance work and specialist coating services for onshore and offshore wind turbines. We can provide:

  • Solvent Free Coatings
  • Coating Refurbishment
  • NDT Inspection
  • Confined Spaces Internal Work
  • Blasting
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Rotor Cleaning
  • Removing Grease Leakage
  • Replacing Screws
  • Bolt Inspection
  • Blade Inspection
  • Surface Treatment
  • Third Party Safety Assistance
wind turbine inspection
Wind Turbine Repair Work conducted by our Rope Access Team

Why should you consider rope access for wind turbine inspection and maintenance?

Originally developed from the popular climbing equipment, rope access allows the Balmore team to scale the tallest buildings and gain access to the most difficult to access structures whilst being able to manoeuvre with ease. This access means that we can accomplish difficult tasks in a more stable method compared to scaffolding or cherry pickers.

Alongside the access benefits of rope access, there is also the cost saving benefits of the service.

With fewer required resources, a faster set up and access time and near limitless access abilities, rope access is fast becoming the answer to the wind sectors inspection and maintenance requirements.

If you would like to know more about our rope access work for wind turbines, please call our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 944 6100 or by emailing

Our Rope Access Team are based in Glasgow