Unwanted pigeons, seagulls and other birds that so often frequent industrial buildings are both a nuisance and a health hazard.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we can provide a complete bird control solution to prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting on your commercial facilities.

bird control spikes for commercial premises

Control Spikes

Bird Spikes are a humane and relatively inexpensive method of bird control for buildings. It is 100% effective as a deterrent to the likes of pigeons and can be installed easily across ‘hot spots’ that birds frequent. While the name bird spikes may sound severe, these soft spikes are actually designed to simply simply ‘ruffle the feathers’ of the bird and it will quickly move on. The chances of a bird injury through bird spikes are virtually zero and are recommended by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Pigeon Control Advisory Service.

Anti Bird Netting

Bird netting is a cost effective bird control method that can protect your industrial facility from pest problems. From pigeons to starlings. We can even install heavy duty anti bird netting to protect against larger birds such as seagulls.

Bird netting can be used to cover large areas of your facility including shelters, roofing structures, building facades and outdoor manufacturing equipment that can be affected by loitering birds. It is an incredibly effective and versatile system and when properly installed, offers a humane solution to preventing birds from nesting in your premises.

Difficult access solutions

Not every industrial facility is a one storey building and the fitting of bird control measures such as bird spikes and netting can be a difficult access problem that some contractors will require scaffolding for. At Balmore, we have a dedicated in house rope access team that can provide fast, effective bird control fitting service that does not require the added expense of scaffolding to reach the access points you want to protect from bird roosting and nesting.

Our rope access team use heavy duty rope systems (similar to mountaineering) in order to abseil to set points and fit bird control systems. We can fit bird control systems both inside and outside as part of our complete roofing and building maintenance service.

Find out more

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