While so much of the maintenance and repair work that we do is scheduled, there are times when Emergency Call outs are required for Rope Access work.

Our in-house Rope Access team can respond to emergency situations across the Central Belt of Scotland. From structural problems to building stonework and even dangerous hanging marketing banners in populated areas.

We can safely conduct emergency rope access repairs, cleaning and maintenance without the need for bulky scaffolding and work platforms which are both additional drains on time and costs.

emergency rope access work

Emergency Sandstone Building Repairs using Rope Access

When sandstone becomes overly saturated, it can begin to literally crumble like a dry sandcastle on the beach. If this stonework is a supporting/structural element to the historic building, this can prove to be a significant issue.

If your buildings stonework is failing, we can access it quickly through rope access. We do not require scaffolding to access the faulty stonework and our team can conduct a complete restoration and repair service to rectify the issue.

Our rope access team allows us to offer our building maintenance services at very competitive prices because we do not have the added cost of scaffolding set up. It also means that we can conduct our emergency stone removal services quickly.

Emergency Roofing Repairs using Rope Access

It doesn’t matter if your home has a slate roof or a tiled roof; a flat roof or a difficult to access roof. High winds can blow off slates and tiles, lift up cladding and rip off gutters and down pipes.  This can cause immediate and long lasting water damage to your property.  What can make matters worse is that emergency roof repairs are most common at a time of the year when accessing roofs can be both difficult and dangerous.  In fact, many Glasgow roofers will not venture out onto roofs under most Winter Weather conditions.

However, at Balmore, we are difficult access specialists. We are fully qualified AND certified to work at height in a wide range of weather conditions and environments.  It is why we are Glasgow’s leading difficult access specialist roofer for all types and styles of roof repairs and building maintenance.

From our Head Office in Glasgow, our at-height rope access team work in key sectors including the Wind Energy Sector, Railway Industry, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. Our Rope Access Team are trained, qualified and certified to work at height on anything from specialist welding to protective coatings, inspections and repair & maintenance jobs.

Our Rope Access Services can be used for:

If you would like to know more about our Emergency Rope Access Services and the many benefits they have over traditional forms of access including scaffolding, please contact us. We can talk you through the process of using rope access and share case study examples of the work we have done in this field before. At Balmore, we are one of the leading Building Maintenance and Roofing Contractors in Scotland and Rope Access is one of our specialist services that allows us to become Difficult Access Experts. Please contact our Glasgow Head Office today by calling 0141 944 6100 or by emailing sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk