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From Glasgow to Edinburgh (and all the Towns and Villages in between), the local weather can switch from warm and sunny one minute, to cold, wet and windy the next.

During the winter months, The harsh weather that comes over from the Atlantic brings with it significant storms and heavy ‘sideways’ rain that can hit Glasgow and the residential and industrial roofing of buildings across the area hard. This storm weather can batter a home relentlessly for days on end.

As a leading recommended Glasgow roofer, we have been serving residential and commercial customers across the city for over 35 years for emergency roofing and we are frequently receiving call outs for emergency roof repairs across the city after high winds and intense heavy rain have hit.

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Roof repairs for Slate, Tile and Flat Roofing

It doesn’t matter if your home has a slate roof or a tiled roof; a flat roof or a difficult to access roof. High winds can blow off slates and tiles, lift up cladding and rip off gutters and down pipes.  This can cause immediate and long lasting water damage to your property.  What can make matters worse is that emergency roof repairs are most common at a time of the year when accessing roofs can be both difficult and dangerous.  In fact, many Glasgow roofers will not venture out onto roofs under most Winter Weather conditions.


However, at Balmore, we are difficult access specialists. We are fully qualified AND certified to work at height in a wide range of weather conditions and environments.  We can utilise multiple different access and inspection methods ranging from high access ladders to cherry pickers, scaffolding to rope access abseiling and even drone roof inspections.  It is why we are Glasgows leading difficult access specialist roofer for all types and styles of roof repairs and building maintenance.

You can count on Balmore to fix your storm damaged roof

When it comes to emergency roof repairs, we have over thirty five years of real roofing experience; repairing roofs through the darkest days of winter has become one of our core services.

Over the nearly four decades of roofing, we have built up a solid foundation as a reputable and highly skilled Glasgow based roofing business. Our entire roofing and builder repair team are full time Balmore employees.  It means we can fully guarantee the quality of our roofing work and the service that we provide – time and time again.


It doesn’t matter if you live in a new build home with tiled roofing or a Victorian Sandstone Detached Property with vintage slate roofing, nobody wants to have to endure the hassle and stress of emergency roof repairs – especially in winter.  But when it comes to getting your roof fixed quickly and professionally, we are the class leading option.

From using commercial grade aerial drones to survey roofs quickly and efficiently to using thermal imaging to locate possible weak points that would be unseen to the naked eye.  Our ‘at height’ roofers can work with scaffolding, cherry pickers and even rope access abseiling equipment to reach all areas of you homes roof, whether it be the top of a church steeple or an industrial warehouse flat roof.  So whether you live in a modern two floor house or a historic building with lead flashing and slate roofs, we can perform emergency roof repairs to protect you from the winter wind and rain.

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To find out more about our emergency roof repairs and our rapid response call outs across Glasgow, please call our head office on 0141 9446100.