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Whether it has been caused by storm damage, a blockage or through icing and freezing winter weather, if your gutter has broken then call Balmore today for your gutter repairs.

We are one of the leading roofers in Glasgow for all roofing and gutter repairs. From historic sandstone buildings in Glasgow with traditional gutters that have rusted and are leaking to modern PVC plastic gutters that have cracked, our team can repair them all.

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What can cause Gutters to break?

Your homes gutters should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis yet so many homeowners in Glasgow simply don’t do this because gutters are of course difficult to access. Yet one of the most common reasons that gutters break and need repaired is because of a lack of maintenance. Gutter cleaning is the easiest way of keeping your gutters running smoothly and the rain water draining away quickly.

Gutters primary job is to collect, redirect and channel water that runs off the roof and help drain it away safely without causing water damage to your home. A blocked gutter because of moss, birds nest, fallen leaves and so many more reasons can create blockages that cause the water in the gutter to build up and overflow. This extra weight can cause the gutter to move from its mounted position causing your gutter to break and require a repair job.

Freezing winter conditions can also damage gutters. A build up of ice or a heavy amount of snow can all accumulate and cause gutters to break. But so much of the ice damage that causes gutters to break is because the gutter is not draining water properly and this is most likely because the gutters have not been cleaned.

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Our Rope Access Team can repair gutters even on difficult to access roofing.

Most popular types of gutter

There are two common shapes of gutter found in homes in Glasgow. K-Style Gutters which are named because their side profile resembles a K. And Half round gutters which is a semi circular trough with a curved lip. What gutter you have fitted to your home may depend on the size of roof that you have and the age of its construction. A K-style gutter can generally handle twice as much water run off as a half round gutter.

Metal Gutters vs Plastic Gutters

Metal and PVC Plastic gutter pipes are the two most common material choices for guttering in Glasgow homes. Metal is obviously the more expensive choice but is tougher. PVC Gutters can over the year become brittle because of the weather and UV light exposure. Modern metal gutters generally come in Aluminium but older Victorian homes in Glasgow may have iron cast gutters which are heavy, prone to rust and expensive to replace.

The positives of Metal Gutters

  • Metal gutters have a low heat expansion level
  • Metal gutters can handle more weathering than plastic gutters
  • Modern metal gutters have better mouldings so they last longer
  • With seamless technology, metal gutters can fit better creating less chance for leaks forming on joints

The positives of PVC Plastic Gutters

  • PVC Gutters come in longer mouldes sections so there is less seams and openings for leaks to occur
  • Plastic is a lot more adaptable and can fit complex roofing shapes more easily
  • Less expensive than metal gutters

Gutter Repairs

For ever 35 years, our roofing and building maintenance team have been providing gutter repairs for our customers in and around Glasgow.

If you have suffered from a leaking gutter and would like it fixed, call the professionals today. Call 0141 944 6100 today.

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