Re-roofing your property can be an invaluable and financially savvy step in protecting your home from storm and water damage whilst offering you strong piece of mind when the winter wind and rain that Glasgow is so famous for starts to hit.

When it comes to re roofing your property, there are many options ranging from slate tiles to ceramic that need to be considered. We understand that it can be difficult to process which type of roofing product is best.  It is why we always like to talk you through the options.  After all, it is your roof and you should be the one that decides on the best option.

Always remember that re-roofing is an investment in your home and in the long run can work out far cheaper than the constant maintenance that you would need to splash out on every winter. If you are experiencing frequent leaks in your home then the cost of simple one off repairs every few months can all add up whilst never fully rectifying the core problem.

Re roofing can also be an option if you are looking to extend or refurbish your home.

Balmore Roofing is one of Glasgow’s leading roofers with over thirty years of genuine experience of all types of roofing Glasgow homes. So whether you have a slate roof, a ceramic roof; lead flashing or plastic gutters, we have experience of it all. You will always find fair and honest pricing from Balmore whilst receiving some of the very best in roofing services across the city.

If you would like to know more about Balmore Roofing and the roofing services that we provide please call our Glasgow head office today.

We can arrange call outs to your property to discuss your re-roofing options and to provide bespoke quotations for your needs.