It is the question that we all want to know when the time has come to replace our old roof with a new one. How much does a new roof cost?

Across Glasgow, with the vast array of building construction techniques and roofing materials, sizes and designs, it is almost impossible to provide costs for new roof online. The process may be similar but there is so many variations that can affect the cost of a new roof.

To explain that better we can use two examples. A one hundred year old sandstone home with a slate tile roof in the South Side of Glasgow and a 1960’s bungalow in Milngavie in the North of Glasgow.

With the South Side home first. So many of the sandstone homes across Glasgow use different architectural styles. Some have multiple roof spaces, lead flat roofing and steeples directly above window bays. With so many of these homes, there have been periods where the home owner has neglected the roof so it may not be a simple slate roof replacement. The wooden boards and struts of the roof may be rotten and need replaced. And how much lead flashing is used? If the roof is from a semi detached sandstone home then there are effectively three roof spaces. And that means there will only be X amount of lead flashing required. However if that same semi detached sandstone home in the south side of Glasgow has an extension as part of the original home then there is immediately more lead flashing required.

All these variables affect the cost and because of the diverse range of homes across Glasgow, you can see why it is so difficult to provide new roof costs online for homes in Glasgow.

The same variables can be looked at for the bungalow in the North of Glasgow. Is it a slate roof or ceramic tiled roof? Is there an extension that is flat roof with felt or slate? Is there one main dormer on the front facing roof or two? or three? What is the access to the property like? If the bungalow has a garage right next to it, does this limit our ability to build scaffolding on that side of the home?

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At Balmore Roofing, we have been working on new roof fitting for over 35 years and in that time we have seen every type of roof. Yet despite this experience, we know that there are so many variations to each and every one that the only way to accurately quote for a new roof cost is to see the roof with our own eyes.

So if you want to know what a new roof cost is in Glasgow and the surrounding area, please call us today to arrange a site visit so that we can accurately quote you for your new roof fitting.

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