When is the right time to fix your roof?

It might not seem like a surprise when we say – now is the time to get your roof fixed. But if you know that you have an issue with your roof then waiting is only going to increase the chances of more damage either to the roof itself OR your homes contents.

We recently dealt with a customer who, since the winter has had a leaking roof. They first noticed it when they spotted a damp patch in the corner of their bedroom wall. Water was leaking from a gap in the roof where a cracked slate was allowing water in. The rain water was creeping down the roof and dripping onto the stonework of the home. Because this is an older sandstone home (like so many you find across Glasgow), the water was then able to trickle down the air gap between the outer wall and the inner plaster wall of the home. It was building up at a point in the corner of this wall and had now become a noticeable problem. But rather than deal with the issue there and then, they decided to wait until the summer to get their roof repaired. This allowed more water to penetrate which caused the issue to get worse. By the time they finally called Balmore Roofing, the water damage meant that they had to replaster and wallpaper the entire wall of their bedroom which was a cost they could have done without.

If you notice a slate or two has come loose on your roof, it is always better to deal with it now than later. During the summer months when it is dryer for longer, we are able to offer a faster service and a faster roof repair job for our customers because we are being held back less by the weather. So what are you waiting for? Call Balmore Roofing today.