Reactive Storm Damage Roofing and Building Restoration Services

Across the West Coast and the East Coast of Scotland, storms, high winds, heavy rain, ice and snow can wreak havoc on properties roofing and building walls. High winds can lift up roof slate tiles and down trees. Heavy rain can overwhelm gutter and drain systems causing water to penetrate your home.

If you have suffered roofing or building damage due to a storm and need emergency, reactive repairs then we are here to help.

We are Balmore Specialist Contracts. A roofing and building maintenance specialist with over 35 years of experience. We can deal with all forms of roofing repair and building repair jobs fast. With mobile access platforms and an in house rope access team, we can dispatch our experienced team to repair all levels of storm damage without needing to wait for costly scaffolding to be installed.

We are one of the leading local roofing contractors in Scotland with over 35 years of service across the central belt of Scotland.

From our head office in Glasgow, we can provide the complete roofing and building maintenance service ranging from traditional roofing repairs to new slate or tile roof fitting and emergency roofing work after storm damage.

Roofing Services

emergency stone repairs after a storm

We have built our reputation by providing a quality service time and time again to become one of the leading Building Maintenance Contractors in Scotland.

However the famous Scottish weather that can strike at any time of the year, combined with poor property maintenance can mean that over time these historic sandstone buildings suffer from weathering and storm damage, traffic pollution and vibration wear. Not to mention general neglect and the dreaded rising damp that can affect so many sandstone properties. These issues can go from minor headaches into full blown disasters if not handled quickly which is why you need a building maintenance contractor you can rely on. 

For over 35 years, we have grown to become one of the leading building maintenance and repairs contractors across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland. We look after and manage everything from modern office blocks to historic sandstone buildings, schools, churches and even statues. Our repeat-client base continues to grow due to the exemplary work that our specialist workmen carry out every day.

Fast acting inspection

When the storm has passed, the clock truly starts for us to assess the damage and begin working on the necessary repairs. Across Scotland, especially during the winter months, dry days are a rarity; so time is of the essence. With aerial drones, we can inspect the roof at difficult access vantage points to assess the damage caused by storms.

Our Mobile Access Platform offers the ideal solution for when the repair work begins. The telescopic platform can reach a maximum height of 23 metres or extend outwards up to 13 metres to provide our roofing and building maintenance contractors safe access to conduct necessary repairs and cleaning of storm damage to your property. With this mobile access platform, we do not need to wait for scaffolding to be erected. We can get to work ASAP.

storm damage stone repairs

Rope Access Storm Damage Repairs

When repairs are required ‘at height’ which our mobile access platform cannot access, we can call upon our in house rope access team.

What exactly is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a safe method of working at height using rope systems and related equipment. It is the exact same type of climbing equipment used in mountaineering, rock climbing and abseiling. Because it can be used almost anywhere with little in the way of set up requirements, the uses for Rope Access are near limitless. It has become one of our signature services for customers who require difficult access cleaning, repairs and inspection work carried out.

Lightning Protection

With over 300,000 lightning strikes that hit the ground across the UK every year, it is imperative to protect your building from the risk of structural damage caused by lightning strikes with lightning protection systems. Lightning protection systems are used to prevent a lightning strike from damaging a building, its stonework and its internal electrical equipment. As a leading Roofing, Building Maintenance and Rope Access Specialist, we can fit lighting protection systems to a building with great ease – regardless of the difficult access nature of the building structure.

Lightning Protection Systems must be professionally tested once a year (at least) to ensure that they are capable of handling a lighting strike and safely transferring the electrical current to a safe earthing point. Lightning Protection Testing is required for compliance with the Electricity at Work Act 1989, BS6651 and BS EN 62305. Balmore Specialist Contracts are trusted to supply and maintain lightning conductor systems in building across Glasgow, Edinburgh and further afield.  This ensures the safety of the public, staff and buildings in full compliance with BS:EN 62305 standards, and that meets the criteria required for insurance purposes.

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If you have suffered because of storm damage then the first thing to do is call our Glasgow head office today. We can advise you on the next steps to getting your property back to ‘as new’ condition.

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