At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we offer a wide range of cladding services for customers looking for an experienced building maintenance firm capable of handling large scale projects.

What is cladding?

Cladding is a commonly used construction material used for residential and industrial building design. Cladding can come in a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal, brick, vinyl and composite materials (such as aluminium, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene. Single skin metal panels are the most commonly used types of cladding and are commonly found on industrial and commercial buildings across Scotland. They are a popular choice because they offer a high level of durability and are easy to install. The metal cladding can be designed to enhance an industrial buildings aesthetic look and the low maintenance costs makes them a firm favourite for manufacturing and industrial facilities. As an outer skin for a building, cladding provides protection, insulation and soundproofing to a building and its occupants.

Our Cladding Services

From repairs to maintenance, replacement panels and almost all other areas of cladding services, we are able to assist our customers in cladding projects across Scotland, specialising in difficult access environments.

We provide cladding work for all aspects of commercial and industrial building. From steel wall cladding and roof sheeting to composite cladding.

Where experience matters

As one of the leading rope access roofing and building maintenance firms in Scotland, we are frequently being called into action for the difficult access work required for cladding replacement services. Building cladding comes in so many shapes, sizes and materials so finding a professional roofer in Glasgow that can provide a fast, efficient roofing service can be a challenge.

In nearly four decades of serving the central belt of Scotland, we have frequently worked on cladding repairs and fixtures for building owners and property managers in the residential and commercial sectors and are perfectly placed to handle cladding repairs for your home.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our range of cladding services offered across the central belt of Scotland, please call 0141 944 6100