The dry weather can highlight problems with your guttering

Across Glasgow, sandstone houses cover the skyline. These beautiful buildings with their slate roofs and lead flashings have endured enough winter ice, snow, sleet, wind and rain to prove that they have what it takes to survive through Glasgow winter weather.

But there are times when the summer weather can prove to be its achilles heel. In the summer (or what little warm weather we have in Glasgow), the summer sun can dry out sandstone. This can be a problem because sandstone is a bit like a sponge. It absorbs and holds onto water which can be a problem if you suffer from rising damp but for general wear and tear, it fine. However, on the areas where sandstone is thin or has been used around lead flashings, the dry weather can dry out the stone enough that it simply crumbles. This can create gaps where rain water can easily penetrate your home and cause water damage to your internal ceilings and walls.

We always advise out customers to keep a close eye on their roof and the detailing around it. A few minutes every week or so to check that all your roof slates are still in place and that their is no obvious ‘rubble’ build up from sandstone crumbling can save you significant sums in the long run.