Why you should think about cleaning your gutters more than once

So many home owners across Glasgow think that the best and only time to clean their gutters is during autumn when leaves are falling off of trees and the bad weather is really about to hit.

But that is not always the case. During the warm summer months, the increased amount of day light can see moss, algae and other biological matter increase their growth rate dramatically. This increase in growth can actually catch out a lot of Glasgow home owners because with increased periods of sunshine comes increased chances of thunderstorms, lightning and of course heavy downpours of rain. It is these short blasts of rain that can overflow a gutter that is full of soil, dirt and plant life that has gone unattended for all the summer months. And overflowing gutters doesn’t just mean that your garden patio is going to be a bit more wet. Gutters can flow onto the brickwork and find cracks and gaps that you didn’t know about. We were called out to a property in the south side of Glasgow earlier this year because the customer had not cleaned their gutters. The build up of plant growth blocked the gutter allowing it to become a large bucket and the weight of all the water caused it to collapse.

The story gets worse. Because without the gutter, sheets of water were simply running down the side of the house which itself needed pointed. A gap in the stonework allowed water to find its way into the home and the South side home owner discovered a flooding kitchen floor with water leaking from the ceiling. All because of gutters that he should have cleaned more frequently.

In the end, that customer had to fix their broken gutters, get the rear of the house re-pointed and repaint the ceiling of the kitchen once it had dried out.

While this was a specific set of circumstances, it is proof that you should never take things for granted.

So if you need your homes gutters cleaned, call in the Glasgow Roofer with over 35 years of experience to get the job done.