While scheduled roofing and building maintenance on existing buildings overcladding is both a cost effective and recommended service, there are times when this requires to be stripped and re-clad. Especially when planning any significant refurbishment works for a building.

Across the country, older commercial and industrial buildings were clad in asbestos sheeting and due to the health risks of this material, it is generally advised for it the be removed before any reroofing takes place.


The benefits of stripping and re-cladding

Recladding your building can be looked at as giving it a makeover. Recladding can help to transform a buildings appearance and increase its thermal efficiency. This brings the benefits of both a more professional look to your industrial property and reduced energy costs.

On top of the thermal properties mentioned above, cladding can be used to reduce noise which makes it a useful material on industrial buildings that want to either reduce the noise entering the building or existing the building (for example in a loud manufacturing facility). Cladding does not need to be waterproof but can offer weather protection for a building structure and the design of cladding can help to redirect water flow from heavy rain away from key structural sections of a building.

Cladding is a popular choice for a wide array of buildings in the country. Yet like stonework, roofing and guttering, cladding does require a level of maintenance. Storm damage and general weather can cause cladding panels to become damaged while persistent air pollution and chemical staining caused by industrial premises activities my require cladding to be periodically cleaned. At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we can provide a complete repair and cleaning service for cladding panels without the need for expensive scaffolding solutions.

The Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster highlighted the risks that some materials used in types of cladding can pose however cladding (that is made from the right fire resistant materials and designed properly) is still an effective building material that brings a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance to protect building structures and enhance their visual aesthetics.

We have undertaken roofing and building maintenance contracts for:

Our Industrial Cladding Services

  • Composite Cladding Systems
  • Built Up Cladding Systems
  • Repairs to existing Cladding Systems
  • Replacing Existing Cladding Systems
  • Building Inspection
  • Cladding Cleaning
  • Corrosion Treatment & Re-Coating
  • Roof Cladding

Shapes, Sizes and Colours

We can install cladding in a variety of colours and sizes so if you are looking to replace cladding on your industrial facility and want to make a visual impact then we can offer the perfect aesthetic solution for you that can really help establish a stronger brand identity for your business.

What is cladding made from?

Cladding can come in a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal, brick, vinyl and composite materials (such as aluminium, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene.

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