Stonework Restoration Glasgow

Balmore started operating around 30 years ago, traditionally only fitting and repairing roofs, in the modern day however, Balmore have added many services for their customers over the years, one of these is Stone Restoration and maintenance.


Having been founded in Glasgow and serving the people of Glasgow in stone restoration, roofing and other services, we know Glasgow’s buildings, structures, monuments and roofs like the back of our hand. With so much experience in and around Glasgow’s architecture and historical design, Balmore are the perfect choice for any and all of your stonework cleaning, restoration and maintenance needs.

Unfortunately stonework walls and statues can suffer from many different types of damage throughout the years, these include by old age, weather (acid rain, storms etc) accidents, vandalism and more. Because much stonework has historical value, we believe that the best approach to take is one to prevent damage. One way in which we can do this is through anti-moisture  and anti-paint coatings to prevent water, acid rain and spray paint damage.

In the event of damaged stonework, our experienced and qualified workmen are experts in stonework restoration. They take extra special care when restoring stonework to it’s former glory as we know these structures can be very delicate. Whether the stonework needing restored is large, very small or up really high, our workmen are equipped and trained to tackle any stonework job that comes their way through techniques such as steeplejack rope access.

Balmore offer a cleaning service to rid your stonework of vandalism from spray-paint, pen and most other forms of defacement. We wholly recommend having your stonework cleaned and a preventative coating applied to it to stop customer’s stonework from needing more repair and cleaning in the short-term, this saves the customer money in the long-term and they no longer have to worry about the quality of their stonework.

As part of our stonework restoration and cleaning service, we clean and remove moss and fungi which can make your stonework look less visually appealing. After our stonework cleaning service, your structures and statues will look bright and eye-catching.

Beware of hiring shoddy workmen when have stonework restoration carried out as they could end up damaging your stonework, making it irreparable. After much damage is done, it can be very difficult or even downright impossible to restore the stonework to it’s full former state.

Save yourself the time, money and stress and hire a reliable stonework repair expert with years of experience.