Steeplejacks Glasgow

Steeplejacks are construction workers who are trained to reach difficult and high places using a variety of different tools at their disposal. In a big city like Glasgow, where there are many high and intricate buildings, these skills are very important. 

450px-Steeplejacks_at_workSteeplejacks’ work is much, much safer nowadays compared to before strict safety regulations were put in place. In the past, some steeplejacks were expected to free-climb up tall buildings like church spires to reach parts of the structure that were in need of repair. Equipment was not up to safety standards and often led to accidents. In the modern day however, steeplejacks use a lot of tried and tested equipment, and are trained to the highest standards, especially at Balmore.

The modern day steeplejack has a lot in common with professional rock-climbers in terms of equipment. Rope access is used almost exclusively as it allows a flexible amount of movement for the workman and it is very safe, it is extremely rare that falls  ever happen. Often what will happen is that Steeplejacks will construct temporary wooden platforms after using rope access to reach the part of the building in need of repair. These wooden platforms are used as the Steeplejacks workplace, as carrying out work while individually suspended in mid-air would be a lot more tedious for our workmen. After all the necessary repairs or fitting is completed, the steeplejacks would carefully remove the wooden platforms and tools, then descend back down to the ground safely.

Safety is our number one priority at Balmore so we take our steeplejacks’ work very seriously by surveying buildings and making sure our workmen have the latest and best quality tools before starting work.

With Glasgow’s range of tall buildings, old and new, it is essential that our Steeplejacks are trained and qualified in working with different materials so that services like stonework repair and graffiti removal are possible in difficult to reach spaces. Many flats in Glasgow are some of the highest in Scotland, so it’s natural that Balmore has invested a vast amount of time and money into hiring and training some of the best steeplejacks around, without them it would make some types of work much more difficult and much less safe.

If you own property which is intricate, older or very tall, do not be hesitant to have repairs or maintenance carried out, our workmen are trained exactly for this type of challenge and carry out high-quality work consistently.

Check out our Steeplejack service page for more information on Steeplejacks and rope access.