Special Heights And Industrial Rope Access Safety

Specialist Rope Access

Industrial rope access is used in business and industry in order to make a safe working environment and position at heights or in areas that are difficult access or reach.

Most of the techniques employed in the difficult access field have derived from climbing and cave exploration skills and the arrangement allows workers to be attached to complex buildings using ropework in order to carry out some task or job such as cleaning, repair or maintenance.

It is most often used where traditional height access can’t be gained using cranes or aerial platforms and involves the employee being raised, lowered and manoeuvred in a harness or work chair by often complex rope work while suspended in the air.

The rope work system means that the worker can carry out their duties safely and securely and the ropes reduce the probability of a falling accident almost completely, although, naturally with any such endeavour there will be a small risk should the work not be carried out in a completely safe and professional manner.

Balmore Specialist Contracts use a back-up fall arrest system in order to keep their staff safe.

Victor Mackay, Managing Director explains: “When working at the heights, the most important factor is the safety of staff. Our systems surpass all current legislation for working at height to ensure the safety of workers, colleagues and the general public.

“Our technicians are also highly skilled and have great experience of industrial rope access techniques. All our equipment is inspected and maintained before and after each job. The system we use means that even in the remote chance that one should fail, we have a back-up system to protect individuals from any harm”

Today, rope access is used in wide variety of industrial applications and ways including cleaning, inspection, surveying, maintenance and repair of a whole host of building and structures.

Victor continues: “We use rope access when it’s just impossible to get a crane or an aerial platform to the structure to be worked on. We recently undertook work on the external walls of Edinburgh Castle and it was impossible to get any large equipment near to parts of where we need it because of the position of the castle on the rock. We deployed our rope access team to great success with safety as our number one concern.”

Rope access is also used on church spires and steeples, bridges, monuments and historic buildings, clocks, chimneys, power stations, stadiums and fairground rides.