Graffiti removal

Balmore Specialist Contracts specialises in graffiti removal, stone cleaning and preservation, the cleaning of all building fabric and the application of different anti-graffiti and surface protection coatings.

Balmore’s trained graffiti cleaners are exceptionally knowledgeable about the best graffiti removal methods and use the latest and best technology to carry out the job efficiently. You can be sure that when you request our graffiti removal service that you will be left satisfied with spotless surfaces all round.

Not only do we promise your stonework will be cleaner than ever, we can also promise that you won’t have to worry about graffiti again for some time with our selection of anti-paint coatings. These invaluable coatings offer protection from paint, pen and other forms of graffiti markings so that you can save money on stone cleaning services in the future. You can rest easy knowing that your valuable stonework and/or surfaces are protected from vandalism and defacement.

Naturally, stonework will need repairs eventually due to the nature of it being affected by the elements. However, after our professional stone repair workmen have acted on your property, you shouldn’t have to worry about repairs again for some time.

historic building maintenance

We can provide protection for buildings against damage caused to exterior and interior surfaces through vandalism, negligence and natural wear and tear.

As a smaller company we can offer a personal and speedy service to suit your needs and requirements. Some larger businesses provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their stone cleaning service which does not cater to the individual needs of a property. At Balmore we believe in treating every customer as an individual when it comes to our stone cleaning service because we recognise that every client has different needs.

You can relax knowing that our skilled stone cleaning specialists are catering to you and not the other way around – the customer is our top priority at Balmore.

Services undertaken by Balmore Specialist Contracts:

Stone, concrete and masonry cleaning, preservation and restoration

A personal and highly effective cleaning method

Application of anti-graffiti coatings

Application of water resistant coatings

Paint removal

Restoration after fire damage

Specialist cleaning of industrial units

Algae, fungi, lichen and moss removal and treatment

Facade and signage cleaning

Post-construction cleaning


Methods used by Balmore Specialist Contracts:

Sympathetic low pressure cleaning using chemicals

Sympathetic water washing at low pressure

Industrial high and low pressure cleaning

Application of specialist coatings and graffiti protection.