Roofers Glasgow South Side

Balmore has been serving Glasgow’s roofing needs for over 30 years. The south side of Glasgow is where we had many different projects in the past which ranged from roof fitting and repairs, to building maintenance and cleaning. 

Much like the rest of Glasgow, the South Side has it’s fair share of different structures and different types of roofs. With this in mind and from being based in Glasgow for almost 30 years, Balmore know we must be prepared for anything and everything.

ibrox12_0South Side Glasgow is predominantly a residential area however it is home to a few notable places such as The Glasgow Science Center, the Rangers Football Club Stadium in Ibrox and more. Whether your property be a big commercial building open to the public, or a small private family home, we at Balmore cater to all who need our services. We have extensive experience working with large corporations and individual everyday customers in the South side of Glasgow and have been recommended by both on several occasions, so people know our expertise and workmen are capable and reliable.

However as with many large and thriving locations like Glasgow and it’s South Side, there are inexperienced and unreliable cowboy builders. These people often claim to be qualified and know what they’re doing, when in actuality they know very little, and as such they cut corners and don’t take safety precautions. This leads to the customer paying more for more intermittent repairs and in rare cases it can be a health and safety risk. Because of this, you should make sure you pick a roofing contractor with the correct qualifications, lots of experience and customer recommendation. This is ultimately to save you time, money and stress.

Whether you are in the South Side of Glasgow or somewhere else across Scotland, you can get in touch with Balmore for your FREE roof survey. Roof surveys are carried out to see what repairs need to be done, to give you a price estimate for the work at hand and to do some health and safety checks. After this it’s completely up to you who to hire/what to do!

Keep in mind that Balmore have worked in the South Side of Glasgow for many years now, being local, we know our stuff, especially when it comes to Glasgow’s buildings and roofs. Choose a roofing contractor you can trust to provide the highest quality work for a reasonable price and your South Side property can look rejuvenated and eye-catching in no time at all!

For a FREE Roof Survey and FREE Estimate, call 0141 944 6100 – you’ll be glad you did.