Across the hills and Mountains of Scotland used by road and rail networks, the exposed faces of quarries and even the steep hills of parks all present potential hazards through natural erosion and the danger of rockfall.

At Balmore, our Rope Access Services can install rockfall netting and rockfall fencing systems of all types as well as provide scheduled inspection, maintenance and repairs.

The most established rockfall protection solution is a double twist mesh made of hexagonal woven mesh. Unlike chain link rockfall netting, the double twist method inhibits the propagation of tears and makes this an incredibly durable and easy to use rockfall netting.

The rockfall netting is suspended by steel wire ropes and anchors to ensure adequate protection. Depending on the angle of the slope and whether it is heavily vegetated, the wire mesh should be fixed accordingly. If the area is heavily vegetated then the rockfall netting should be applied as close to the slope as possible. On steeper slopes and cliff faces, the rockfall netting should be left unanchored at the base to ensure that any falling rock and debris has space to safely fall within the netting area and collect in the ditch of the slope.

How is rockfall netting installed?

We use rope access techniques to apply rockfall netting and barriers. Rope Access is a safe method of working at height using rope systems and related equipment. It is the exact same type of climbing equipment used in mountaineering, rock climbing and abseiling. Because it can be used almost anywhere with little in the way of set up requirements, the uses for Rope Access are near limitless. It has become one of our signature services for customers who require difficult access cleaning, repairs and inspection work carried out.

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With our head office in Port Glasgow, we have been expanding both our range of services and the areas of Scotland that we cover. As a multi-service construction company, we have experience in commercial, industrial and private contracts, establishing a reputation for progressing projects in a professional & timeous manner to the complete satisfaction of our clients’ requirements.

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