Replacing slate roof tiles using rope access team

The most commonly used method for roofers in Glasgow to replace a roof of slate tiles – like for like is to erect scaffolding around the home. THis allows us to install chimney slides to remove of old slates that can go straight into a skip and it gives us a working space to operate on while adding in the new slate roof tiles. But as so many of our customers across Glasgow are aware of, the architecture of this city means that not every roof is a simple job with easy access and plenty of space to erect scaffolding.

And that is where Balmore Roofing once again comes into our own. We have a rope access team who can reach difficult to access points where scaffolding is either impossible or costly to erect.

We were contacted by a customer in Kelvinside in the West End of Glasgow who had been trying to get their Victorian properties roof replaced. A number of roofers had simply shied away from the job and those that did provide a quote, produced an astronomical figure that made little sense.

The West End home owner was at a loss as to how to proceed when they found out about our rope access roofing services.

We turned up at the Kelvinside address, inspected the property and provided them with a quotation which they happily accepted. It is not that we undercut our competitor roofers by cutting corners. We did it because we were able to do the work using a rope access team and no scaffolding. Scaffolding erection can be a time consuming and costly process but too many roofers in and around Glasgow depend on them to get the job done.

But when scaffolding is not an option, Balmore will find a way.

If you have an ‘interesting’ and complicated roof design that makes it hard for inspection and maintenance of your roof then call Balmore today. We cover all over Glasgow for our roofing services and the towns, villages and other properties in the surrounding areas.