Balmore re-roofing of Church with Spanish Slates


Balmore is in the final stages of re-roofing Kinning Park Parish Church and looking at completing all works by
tomorrow. We erected specialist access scaffolding to safely access all areas of work, replaced new lead hoppers,
valleys, and flashings using code 5 lead and lead welding techniques. Slates were double nailed using tradition
Spanish Slates.

Selection of contractor

Not all roofing contractors are familiar with local slating traditions especially if their workers originate from outside the area. It is therefore preferable to use a local contractor experienced in local techniques. To check that a contractor has the right background, photographs of previous work they have carried out could be requested. Better still, if it is possible to visit previous work their competence can also be assessed more accurately provided they still have the same work force. Inspection of a roofer’s work should check that:

  • slates are laid evenly and sit well across the roof
  • courses diminish regularly from eaves to ridge.