Providing visual inspection and maintenance of difficult access locations using rope access services.

Paint inspection undertaken by our rope access paint inspection team can help commercial and industrial businesses to maintain key assets more effectively while being able to better identify the cause of paint and protective treatment failures when they do occur.

paint inspection

At Balmore, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive inspection service covering everything from initial visual paint inspection to asset corrosion surveys and visual inspection and testing of galvanizing on metal work.

We can offer:

  • Paint inspection and condition surveys for bridges and railway lines.
  • Conduct site sampling of paint and other protective coatings
  • Quality control/quality assurance services
  • Rope access NDT inspection of paint and other protective finishes
  • Failure investigations

Paint Removal

Where necessary, we can provide paint removal services through our sister division Balmore Contracting. Our inhouse TORC Blasting and DOFF Steam Cleaning can safely remove oil based paints from delicate sandstone buildings, metal structures and many other base materials.

We commonly deal with paints in the following categories:

  • Corrosion protection based paints
  • Metallic paint coatings i.e. galvanizing
  • Paints for fire protection
  • PPC Powder coatings
  • Lead paint

Long term partnerships

We aim to build long term relationships with our customers and know that by constantly doing a quality job, it will lead to us being asked to perform more work in the future. Which is why we can offer both one off and scheduled maintenance contracts for our customers. Health and safety is paramount to everything we do when it comes to industrial roofing, no matter what type of job and what size of job.  We conduct full risk assessments and the safety of all personnel is our highest priority, no corners are ever cut.

Find out more

To discuss your specific paint inspection needs, to find out more about the range of industrial and commercial services that we offer or to request specific case studies of work we have done, please call our head office in Glasgow on 0141 944 6100 or email