Non-Slip Flooring

Balmore has added many more services to it’s roster over our 30 years of service to the people of Glasgow and all over Scotland too. One of these services in the installation and maintenance of Non-Slip Flooring.

Fotolia_11015571_SNon-Slip Flooring has become very popular in modern times due to their effectiveness in increasing health and safety in both public and private places. The safety of our customers is our number one priority, so offering Non-Slip Flooring as one of our services was an obvious move.

You can often find Non-Slip Flooring in a lot of public places like train stations, public stairs, shopping centers and more. Private locations and businesses will usually provide Non-Slip Flooring to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. especially during the winter seasons.

The material used means that Non-Slip Flooring can be used anywhere for almost any conditions. It complies with all British Standards, being highly visible, resistant to liquid and freezing, and can easily be repaired and maintained. A test also found that after 15 years of heavy pedestrian use, this Non-Slip Flooring material still maintained British Standards and was still extremely effective.

Before, Non-Slip Flooring was considered expensive due to the way it was made and how it had to be placed (ineffectively) on surfaces. However, today there are better and more effective ways to manufacture this Non-Slip Flooring material and it is much more easily installed. This means the customer pays less for a dramatic increase in health and safety!


It should be noted that injury claims from employees are more common nowadays and this can cost a lot in damages, plus you never want to see anyone hurt due to dangerous working conditions. Here are just some of the most common injuries and the claims that are made for them on average:

•Serious foot injuries £14,550 – £22,700

•Severe knee injuries £15,525 – £56,050

•Hip or pelvic injury £2,200 – £76,400

•Wrist injury with on-going problems £7,400 – £14,300

An injury doesn’t do the employee or the company any good, so investing in Non-Slip Flooring is almost always a good idea, it will save money in the long-term, plus it lasts for many years without needing replaced.

While there are a few companies out there who also offer Non-Slip Flooring, you should be sure to choose a company with years of experience and with skilled and qualified workmen. This ensures the job is done correctly every time and your Non-Slip Flooring is installed and maintained properly.