If you are a homeowner in Glasgow and you are fed up with having to throw money at your homes roof every year simply to fix new leaks, loose tiles and other roofing issues.  Then maybe now is the time to take the plunge on fitting a new roof to you home.

We are Balmore Specialist Contracts and we are one of Glasgow’s leading roofing firms.  For over 35 years, we have been providing a 5 star roofing service for our residential and commercial customers across the city.  From new fitted roofs to maintenance and emergency repairs, we can handle it all.

Glasgow new roof fitting

When it comes to making the decision on whether you need a new roof on your property, here are ten positive aspects to a new roof that you should consider:

Property Value:  If you know you will be moving in the next year years then a new roof can add significant value to your home.  When potential buyers come to look at your home, the home report can be a significant sales tool and having a new roof can certainly increase the number of interested parties and the final sale price.

Return on Investment:  Whilst the exact figure varies depending on size of property, you can expect to see a return of investment somewhere in the region of 65-70%.  New roofs are one of the best home improvement projects that you can make to a home.

Aesthetics:  For some, this may not be an issue but a new roof will definitely stand out and look better than what you have.  If ‘Curb Appeal’ is important to you then you should consider a new roof.

Energy Efficiency:  In the same way that homeowners can justify a new boiler because of its improved energy efficiency, a new roof will help you realise more of the potential energy gains that can be achieved in your home.  Your old roof can leak heat so that your current heating system is having to work harder to make up for the loss of heat.

Health:  Old roofs can be a breeding ground for damp, mould and other health hazards.  We had a customer once who called us to fit a new roof because their old one had so much damp and mould in the attic that it had completely destroyed their wedding dress.

Safety: The more leaks you have, the more it will damage the core foundations of your roof and the more expensive a new roof fitting can be.  An old roof can therefore present safety risks which can mean more scaffolding is required to replace your current roof. And that of course can increase the cost.

New Technology:  We are not talking about microchips and computer processors.  What we are talking about is material science. The roofing materials available today can be more thermally efficient and more fire retardant.  Don’t think of it as a like for like replacement. Think of it as a step up.

Expanding your space:  Continuing that thread of thinking – don’t think of it as a direct replacement.  If you were going to replace your homes roof, what can you add? A dormer or skylight can be added.  A redundant chimney can be removed. A new roof on your home can generate so many new light bulb moments to improve your home.

Less Stress:  If you have gone through every winter full of stress at what new issues you are going to have with your existing roof and you are fed up having to put money aside to repair new damage after every Christmas storm then just imagine how much stress will be lifted when you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing anymore.

A new roof is not just a reason to spend money.  It is a chance to increase the value of your home, increase the visual presence of the property and reduce your stress levels everytime the wind blows a bit harder.

At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are a professional roofing firm that can handle all forms of new roofing from slate tiled to ceramics and lead roofing.  Call us today on 0141 944 6100 for a quotation.