Through our industrial roofing services, we deal in all aspects of metal roofing sheeting and cladding for businesses across Scotland.

We offer a complete supply and fitting service covering everything for a complete refitting of metal roofing panels to the maintenance and repair of existing industrial roofing property.

The advantages of metal roofing

There are a number of advantages to using metal roofing sheets for your industrial property. They are lightweight yet strong. They are highly flexible and importantly given the weather in Scotland, they are durable and have a long lifespan.

Another advantage of metal roofing sheets is that they are fire resistant and environmentally friendly.

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An Industrial Facility that features a flat roof, cladding and metal sheet roofing panels.

Industrial Metal Roofing Sheet Maintenance

At Balmore, we can provide a complete maintenance package to ensure that your industrial facility can run smoothly with little worry for roofing issues. Our maintenance service covers repairs to damaged sheeting and gutter cleaning and repairs.

Industrial Metal Roofing Sheet Repairs

This is Scotland and that means that storm damage can always be an issue that needs to be dealt with. While maintenance of a roof can help spot and prevent issues before they become serious, storm damage can require immediate repairs.

Our industrial roofing team can provide repairs to leaks caused by loose cladding. We can replace damaged metal sheet roofing panels and repair any damaged gutters.

Industrial Rope Access Team

One of our specialist services that allows us to stand out over other industrial roofing services is our rope access team. We can provide the same roofin and cladding work for industrial facilities without the added cost of scaffolding and other ‘at height’ access equipment. Covering all of Scotland, our industrial Rope Access team are difficult access specialists and can work on all styles of roofing, cladding and building maintenance.

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