Liquid plastic roofing is an ideal, cost effective roofing solution that creates a seamless membrane on low slope and flat roofing properties.

Both tough and waterproof, liquid plastic roofing is a great solution for roofs. The finish creates a clean, shiny and seamless protective surface that keeps out the Scottish rain. Liquid plastic roofing solutions do not require heat during the installation process, making them easy to install even on difficult access points.

Because this is a liquid plastic coating, it can be easily applied to difficult to access and complex roofing fit locations such as historic building roofing points, sky lights etc. The unique characteristics of liquid plastic roofing means that it can handle the thermal movement tolerances of hot summer days and cold winter evenings as well as structural movement – a vital benefit on historic sandstone buildings in Glasgow.

The advantages of liquid plastics roofing:

  • They can be applied over existing asphalt or felt roofing
  • Creates seamless finish that prevents water penetration into your property
  • It expands and contracts with the heat and cold
  • There is no need to replace your existing roof, we can simply apply liquid plastic roofing over it.

Whether your property has a flat roof, low angled, pitched or domed roofing, liquid plastic is the ideal solution.

Coatings can be applied over felt, asphalt, bitumen and concrete and the liquid plastic coatings can last for up to 25 years (depending on type and application surface).

Is liquid plastic roofing expensive?

Liquid plastic roofing is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your properties roof from the rain. Costs depend on how many application coats are required and the size/scale/complexity of the roof. It can be applied to a whole roof or just to individual sections of the properties roof. Ideal if you have been suffering from water penetration in particular points on your homes current roofing system.

Rope Access Liquid Plastic Roofing

Liquid plastic roofing is an easy to apply roofing solution, even to the most difficult access and oddly-shaped roofing structures, including skylights. At Balmore, we are one of the leading difficult access Rope Access Teams in Scotland with a full time in-house rope access team. We can offer our customers with a safe method of working at height using rope systems and related equipment. It is the exact same type of climbing equipment used in mountaineering, rock climbing and abseiling. Because it can be used almost anywhere with little in the way of set up requirements, the uses for Rope Access are near limitless. It has become one of our signature services for customers who require difficult access roofing work and is the ideal solution for liquid plastic roof coatings on difficult access locations, especially on historic buildings.

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