Lead gutters leading to ponding

We were called out by a customer in the South Side of Glasgow who had used a local roofer in Glasgow and had had a bad experience. The roofer, who shall remain nameless had been fixing some loose slates that had come off during the winter. However to gain access to the main section of roof, they had set up scaffolding over a lead gutter section of the homes extension. All the weight of the scaffolding had bent the lead which had three knock on effects.

  1. It pulled the lead away from the side wall, creating a gap that rain water could easily penetrate the interior of the house from.
  2. It created a ponding surface where the gutter was no longer draining the rain water away but was instead allowing it to collect. This in turn adds more weight which increases the ponding issue.
  3. It pulled the lead on the other side away from under some slates which created a further access point for the rain water to gain entry into the home.

As you can imagine, the home owner was not impressed. What made it worse was that the roofer who shall remain nameless refused to accept responsibility and ended up not answering the calls from the customer.

The home owner decided that they need to call in a professional roofer in Glasgow. A company with a rich history and skill.

And that is why they called Balmore Roofing. As both a roofing expert and lead gutter expert, we are perfectly placed to fix these kind of issues. With over 35 years of real experience in roofing in Glasgow, we were able to fix the problem for the customer at a fair price.

We even fixed some of the roof tiles that the previous roofer had done a bad job of.