How Much Does A Cheap New Roof Actually Cost?

New Roofing Glasgow

The credit crunch is here to stay for a while, yet you need to get a new roof. So, it makes sense to get quotes for your roof and and the cheapest option looks good. Money’s tight after all. But is it the best choice and is it too cheap?

Well, sadly, for a lot of people cheap doesn’t turn out to be all it seems. Many roofing companies offer a fantastic, almost unbelievable price and it turns out to be just that – a fantasy price. You need to watch out for hidden costs, check that the price includes everything, labour, parts, repairs and service.

At Balmore Specialist Roofing, we have been called in to hundreds of botched roof repairs and new roof construction in order to rectify shoddy work or take over when other roofers have neglected or failed to deliver as promised.

The best price doesn’t always mean the cheapest, so when you’re looking for a new roof, contact us for a quote or an estimate and compare our levels of work and service against others before you make your mind up.

Our experience and skill means we can deliver at the price we say – and on time, giving you a fantastic, brand new roof to be proud of and at the price we quote. We can supply tons of customer testimonials, and provide a FREE ROOF SURVEY, to give you peace of mind and detail exactly what needs done.

You can then sit back and relax as our professionals fit your roof installation timeously and perfectly.

Contact Balmore roofing company today for a chat or your free roof survey.