Glasgow Roofers West End

Balmore have been carrying out roofing repair and maintenance in Glasgow for many years, much of which has been the Glasgow’s West End. 


Glasgow’s West End is home to many high-profile buildings such as Glasgow University (Shown above) and Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. There is also a lot of interesting houses and flats in the West End of Glasgow, featuring both old and new designs. We at Balmore know we have to be fully prepared for all and any types of roofing and building maintenance, and from almost 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s safe to say that we know our stuff.

We have been recommended by countless customers in Glasgow over the years and as such have been involved in numerous West End projects. This beautiful part of Glasgow holds a plethora of different structures such as Towers which can be accessed by our trained and experienced Steeplejacks, Monuments which can be cleaned, restored and maintained, and both normal and flat roofs which can be fitted and repaired by our qualified workmen.

Because there are many older buildings in Glasgow’s West End, we understand that extra special care must be taken, when roofing and other services are carried out, to preserve the structure’s integrity and design. While the property itself is very important, Health and Safety of both the public and our work force is of the utmost importance. Safety surveying is always carried out to see the extent of damage to the property and also to make sure the area of work is safe for our employees to work in.

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 Glasgow’s West End filled with customer service businesses such as Cafe’s, Restaurants and Bars, so outside appearance is often a very important factor in attracting customers. With this in mind, building maintenance, repairs and cleanliness are all very important. That’s why Balmore offer so many different services to our customers, we see that there are many factors that can influence the look and feel of properties.

Whether it be a commercial or private properties in Glasgow’s West End, Balmore are there to take care of all work needed to be finished. We are with our customers every step of the way so that you know exactly what is going on at all times and so we can work to all your specifications.


We would love to hear from you if you require any of our services or even if you just have a question or query.

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