Flat Roofers Glasgow


Looking for Flat Roofers in Glasgow? Then look no further than Balmore Specialist Contracts Ltd. Established in 1984 we have flat roofing experience spanning over 28 years!

We have a reputation for excellence in roofing and, combined with our experience,  we can be relied upon to do the job correctly. We can undertake job sizes up to 7000m2, commit to public and private contracts and all of our flat roofing systems offer up to 30 year guarantees depending on your needs. Our flat roofers are highly trained in all health and safety aspects including working at heights and first aid. We are fully approved and certified to install and repair flat roofing systems. With nearly 3 decades of flat roofing experience, why look anywhere else?

Whether you want a new flat roof, a repair to a current one or are unsure whether you want a flat roof or a traditional pitched roof, speak to us. Often, some people discuss the negative aspects of a flat roof and in some cases they are quite right as traditional flat roofing from some suppliers and installers does have  some negatives. However, with our modern systems there are no downfalls and they are able to withstand direct sunlight, are highly durable and almost no maintenance is required.


Flat roofs are often required when the space is need either as a thoroughfare or perhaps people need to go on to the roof now and again. Where there is a need for personnel to be on the roof ,we can supply and fit anti slip matting for walkways on top of the roof, preventing foot traffic on the actual system.

Balmore are able to supply you with the up-to-date flat roofing systems, that will stand the test of time. We can supply and fit the roof edge protection and lightning protection systems covering all your needs with only one phone call!

Why not call us today on 0141 944 6100 and find out more about our flat roofing services.


Balmore are now offering FREE Surveys and FREE Estimates on all roofing enquiries. To find out about a flat roof repair, new flat roof or speak to a specialist if you have a flat roofing problem, contact us on 0141 944 6100.