Flat roof repairs and maintenance solutions by one of Glasgow’s flat roof specialists.

Flat roofs are a popular roofing option for extensions, garages and modern housing in Glasgow however they do need to be maintained with consistent visual inspection because of potential issues including something known as ‘ponding’. While we always build a quality roof that will last the test of time – this is Scotland and the weather can be an issue for any and all types of roofing.

Help – My new flat roof has puddles!

If you have used another local roofer in Glasgow to fit a new flat roof yet have discovered that puddles are forming in the rain, you unfortunately have the early signs of ponding. Small amounts of ponding does not pose any significant issues however if left unchecked, can build up to create a weight that literally bends the flat roof downward – helping the ponding to become greater which in turn creates more ponding. If you have had a new flat roof installed and the roofer is being ‘unhelpful’ about fixing this issue – call on Balmore Roofing to put it right.

We have been proudly serving residential and commercial customers across Glasgow for nearly 35 years and in that time we have constantly put an emphasis on providing a class leading service at a competitive price. We have built up a fantastic portfolio of reviews for our roofing services from customers across the city; and whether you need a roofer for a flat roof, gutter cleaning, lead repairs or other forms of building maintenance on your home, we can do it all.

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