Fixing another roofers mistakes

We were in the South Side of Glasgow last week fixing some issues on a new roof that another roofing company had fitted only a year previous.

Why were we called out you may ask. Simple. The owner had grown tired of the current roofers excuses and the clear and obvious fact that they had fitted a new roof that was allowing water to come in and leak into their upstairs bedroom.

The previous roofer was called out to fix the problem – after all, it was their fault. However after the first attempt, water was still coming in. After the second attempt it was still not fixed and after the third attempt, the home owner thought that it was indeed fixed. Sadly not. The summer months hid the fact that the problem was simply not corrected.

By now, after three new visits, the Glasgow home owner decided to employ the three strikes and your out rule and looked for another roofer to fix the problem.

Enter Balmore Roofing. With over 35 years of real experience and more recommendations that the average roof has slate tiles, we came to the South Side address to inspect the problem.

Now we are not blaming the other roofing company. The mistake they made could be made by so many roofing companies across Scotland and it was caused simply through a lack of experience. They had stopped the slates too short at the edge of the roof and so on days when the rain was falling AND the wind was blowing, it was creating a vulnerable point where water could gain entry.

Once we had identified the problem, we explained it in detail to the home owner, agreed on a cost to fix the leaking roof and got about the repair job.

Another roof repair successfully completed and another customer happy.