Choosing The Best Roofing Company

Choosing a roofer

Like any other tradesmen, it’s often complex and confusing when selecting the correct company to fix or renew your roof, particularly the variation in costings from one roofer or roofing company to the next. So, how do you know you’re getting a good roofing company? That they can be trusted, know what they’re doing, will do it on time and look after your peace of mind as well as your property?

The costs can be poles apart for the same job with the same materials from different companies, so here’s out handy guide to choosing the best roofing company:

  • Get three estimates for the same work with the same materials. If need be, ask the companies to give two quotes for the same job with different materials, say one quote with a lead and slate roof and another quote with some form of plastic and slate roofing.  You’ll learn a lot too when talking to the individual companies – things that you hadn’t thought of.
  • Find out how long each business has been established and their roofing credentials/membership of professional bodies.
  • Be specific about the job when asking for a quote. There are a lot of cowboy roofing companies out there who will too easily try and get more business out of you by claiming other work needs done when it doesn’t. Sometimes, other work is necessary and roofing companies will point out other faults or work that needs done, but be aware- don’t sign up to other work unless the 3 contractors point out the other fault!
  •  Make sure the quotes include everything that needs done and there are no ‘extras’  – or at least make sure they inform you IN WRITING that extras may have to be added and what they are for.
  • What about service after the work has been done? All good roofing companies will gladly provide a level of aftercare service as part of any work, should something not be quite right once it looks like the job has been done. Make sure they will fix anything for free that becomes obvious once they have left.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. It’s your house and property. If something is niggling you about their work, estimate, materials, timescales, ask them. If they don’t have a good answer, don’t hire them.
  • Ask about their health and safety policy – is there one?
  • Look for the contractors’ public profile. Are they members of professional bodies? Do they have testimonials from other clients? Proper signage on vans? What other work have they undertaken? Check the internet for anything about them on websites and forums.

It all comes down to trust in the end. So, if in doubt, don’t hire!