Whether it is the removal, repair, rebuilding or restoration of your homes chimney; at Balmore, we have over thirty five years of quality chimney repairs across Glasgow.

Whether your homes chimney is capped off because you no longer need a working chimney or it is in active use as part of your homes heating system, the proper maintenance of your homes chimney is a vital part of your roofing set up. Yet like your slate or tiled roof, storm damage and general weather can lead to damage of a chimney and its lead flashings and require repair work to be carried out.

Our chimney repairs service covers original sandstone chimney stacks and parapet walls, re-pointing, rendering, capping and chimney pot replacement.

But talking about chimney repairs is one thing – accessing them can be another. Unlike so many other Glasgow Roofers and Building Maintenance Specialists, we have our very own inhouse rope access team who are specialists in difficult to access roofing and ‘at height’ work. This means that roof repairs and chimney repairs can be carried out easily and more cost effectively by our ream without the need to expensive scaffolding (unless expressly required).

chimney repairs and gutter detailing
Repairs to a Chimney and its Lead Guttering

Chimney Stacks across Glasgow are so often forgotten about and left unmaintained because in part of how difficult it is to access and perform repairs on them. However the potential damage that can be caused by unmaintained chimney to your roof, building structure, garden, parked cars and pedestrians below can be indescribable.

While there is no correct timeline for checking over your homes chimney, it should be inspected in a similar time frame as your roof maintenance checks.

Whether your chimney requires a new top pipe because the current one has become loose, a ventilation cap that provides adequate protection against pigeons or it requires a full strip down and reconstruction, we can handle it.

Common Chimney Repair Services

  • Damaged Sandstone Repairs
  • Repointing
  • Lead Work Repairs
  • Large or Small Rebuild Work on the Chimney

Along with our roofing and building services, chimney repairs is an area that Balmore have been working on for homes across Glasgow for nearly four decades. In that time, we have worked on all styles and construction of chimney from historic building chimney pipes to more modern bungalows. And with each and every repair job that we work on, you will get the very best in service, care and attention to detail.

If you would like to know more about our Chimney Repairs services or anything else in our roofing or building maintenance range of services, please call our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 944 6100

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