Can the hot weather damage your flat roof?

If you live in Glasgow and have a flat roof in your propety, then you will most likely keep a keen eye on it over the winter months to ensure that there is no ponding (an excess build up of water that will not drain away). But did you know that the summer heat wave can be just as damaging to a flat roof as the winter ice and rain?

This may come as a surprise as most people would assume that the main issue that can hot roofs is the winter wind, rain, ice and snow.

However the stresses that a flat roof are put under during a heat wave can be more damaging.

If you are concerned that your flat roof may have suffered damage because of the heat wave that is fallen over GLasgow, then call the roofing company you can trust. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have seen it all and repaired it all.

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