Building Maintenance and stonework cleaning

We have been working on the building maintenance and repair on some red sandstone houses in the West End of Glasgow recently. And one of the final things that needed to be done was to clean the stonework of the building. So many years of neglect, blocked drains etc had seen green slim and other biomatter cause staining to the walls while smoke and pollution damage had helped to contribute to the buildings ‘faded’ look.

So we have been working in conjunction with our sister division Balmore Contracting on cleaning the stonework using a modern day marvel – DOFF Steam Cleaning.

DOFF Steam Cleaning uses super heated steam at a controlled and managed nozzle exit speed to powerfully yet delicately remove the staining in the sandstone walls. While other methods of cleaning can’t remove the spores of moss etc, DOFF Steam Cleaning can. And the best bit is that it does not damage the original sandstone walls.

It is all part of our overall ‘INSPECT – CLEAN – REPAIR’ philosophy that has seen Balmore Specialist Contracts, Balmore Contracting and Balmore Aerial Services grow.

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