Asbestos roof tiles and slates are common in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh homes yet just the mention of an asbestos roof is enough to create feelings of unease. At Balmore we specialise in the removal and management of asbestos roofs in and around the Glasgow and Edinburgh city areas.

asbestos roof

What is Asbestos?

The name asbestos is used for naturally occurring mineral products that are resistant to chemical and thermal degradation, are fire resistant and electricity resistant while having strong fibres and can be woven and bound. It is has been used for thousands of years in clothing, pottery, candle wicks and lots more. It is only when it became popular in the construction industry that asbestos became common place across the city. Asbestos sheeting was originally introduced as a lightweight alternative to slate and tile roofing.

More people die thanks to asbestos each year than are killed on the UK roads.

The fibres of Asbestos can cause the following fatal and serious diseases:
Mesothelioma – A cancer which affects the lining of the lungs.
Lung Cancer
Asbestosis – A scarring of the lung that normally occurs after heavy exposure to asbestos.
Pleural Thickening – Causes the thickening and swelling of the lung


One of the widest uses of asbestos in the building industry was in roofing.


The Problem with Asbestos Roofs

In most cases – asbestos roof tiles pose no health hazards as long as the roof tiles are intact and the dangerous asbestos fibres are kept firmly in place by the cement that makes up the tile. Asbestos roof sheets are however fragile and can easily crack while loose. The danger of disturbing an asbestos roof sheet means that even simple roofing repairs to your home must be undertaken by specialist roofers like Balmore Roofing. We can avoid airborne release of harmful fibres and we fully comply with stringent disposal regulation.

Having a home in Glasgow or Edinburgh with asbestos roof tiles does not mean you need to remove the whole roof, especially if the roof is in good health. If you know that you have asbestos roof tiles then it is advisable to monitor the health of these tiles.

If you are however planning on renovating of your roof becomes damaged, this is when you should call Balmore Roofing experts as the roof may need to be removed and replaced with safer non asbestos products. Our team are fully trained and experience in the handling and removal of asbestos on roofs in commercial, industrial and residential locations.


Asbestos Removal Services

  • Commercial & Industrial Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Removal for Garages
  • Asbestos Surveys & Testing
  • Asbestos Roof Removal


If you would like to know more about our asbestos removal services, please call our Glasgow office on 0141 944 6100