A customer started the day with breakfast and a leaking roof

We got a call this morning from a customer who woke up this morning, came downstairs for breakfast and discovered that they have a leaking roof.

Their kitchen ceiling had a bid damp/wet patch and there was a small puddle of water on the floor.

Our roofing team were at the South Side address by lunch time, inspected the issue and discovered that their outer wall pointing had some ‘gaps’ in it. These holes had allowed enough rain water to enter. Now if you live in Glasgow then you will know that the last two weeks has seen some pretty interesting rain and weather.

So what we believe has happened is that he has had this problem for a long time. But in normal rain conditions, the water has not got as far as the kitchen ceiling so he has been completely unaware that his roof/stonework was leaking. But with the weather in Glasgow being as it has been recently, enough water has got in to highlight the problem.

Thankfully for him, we have over 35 years experience working on roofs and building maintenance in Glasgow so we know what the problem is and we know how to fix it.

Stay tuned to our news feed to find out how the repair job goes.