Rope Access is a difficult access system that uses ropes and climbing equipment to gain access to various locations that would otherwise be inaccessible or too costly to access by other means such as scaffolding.

This makes it an ideal solution for Roofing, Building Maintenance and Steeplejack work. At Balmore Specialist Contracts, we are known across Scotland as a leading difficult access specialist and rope access services is one of our main specialist services.

rope access used for steeplejack work
Difficult access specialists using rope access systems

What are the advantages of Rope Access?

Access. Whether it be the side of a Church Steeple or half way down a high rise block of flats repairing cladding. Rope Access can be used in so many different situations and there are very few limiting factors. A single rope access contractor can access multiple points in a single session. Scaffolding in comparison is restricted to its set up location.

Speed. Scaffolding can take days to construct depending on the complexity of the structure is is being erected around. Rope Access is a quick system to set up and pack away. This makes it ideal for more regular inspection work and for emergency roofing building maintenance.

Safety. While you may think that hanging from the end of a rope doesn’t sound very safe, we follow IRATA guidelines when working at height. Each member of our rope access team is attached to two independent anchor points. Compared to scaffolding work and powered access lifter work, this is a lot safer.

Minimal Hassle. The set up of scaffolding may require road closures, pavement access issues and other problems that require permits and permission. Even access to someone elses property to set up can be an issue. With Rope Access, there is minimal inconvenience.

Where can rope access be used?

An easier question might be where CAN’T rope access be used? The sites where we can use rope access services is near enough infinite. From abseil window cleaning to roofing, building maintenance and steeplejack work.

Our Rope Access Services can be used for:

Maintenance and Repair Work

The need for regular and consistent scheduled cleaning, repair and maintenance of buildings and roofing is of more importance than ever before. With more architecturally modern designed buildings with glass and steel comes a need to clean and maintain them. Their complex shapes make aerial work platforms a challenge and scaffolding impractical. Rope Access however can work through all of this which makes it an ideal solution for NDT work, bolt inspection, commercial and industrial work and so much more.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our rope access work and how rope access can be used for your roofing, building maintenance and other access needs, please contact our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 944 6100.

rope access window cleaning
Rope Access can be used for all sorts of building maintenance