Difficult Access Vegetation Removal and Clearing from Historic Buildings

Across the various sandstone buildings of Glasgow, Edinburgh and so many of the Towns and Villages across the Central Belt of Scotland, difficult access points for prime real estate for weeds, grass and even small shrubbery to grow.

On the likes of Churches and other Historic Buildings with their impressive architectural design, the nooks, crannies and corners of the building structure can, over time, accumulate dirt and soil particles, uncleared leaves and, most importantly, plant seeds. Left unchecked, these can quickly grow into established shrubbery and their roots can pose serious problems to the delicate sandstone building material.

At Balmore, we provide a complete Difficult Access Vegetation Removal Service as part of our Building Maintenance Packages. From sandstone cleaning to delicate stonework restoration and the removal of vegetation growth from difficult access points that a simple ladder cannot access and scaffolding is simply too expensive for.

Aerial Access Platform

Our Mobile Access Platform offers the ideal solution for cleaning facades and external building points. The telescopic platform can reach a maximum height of 23 metres or extend outwards up to 13 metres to provide our roofing and building maintenance contractors safe access to conduct necessary repairs, cleaning and maintenance work.

aerial access platform

An aerial access platform allows fast, responsive access to sites without the need for scaffolding. Scaffolding can be an expensive and time consuming process to erect. An aerial platform can quickly access the same points without hindering building access or requiring permits. This means that whether you require emergency repairs caused by storm damagestonework repairs or scheduled maintenance plans, our access platform system can offer the very best in difficult access solutions.

Where our Access Platform can be used

Rope Access

Specialist Rope Access Service providers in Scotland for difficult access locations and ‘at height’ repairs, maintenance, cleaning and installations.

rope access for historic building in Glasgow

We are one of the leading Rope Access Teams in Scotland with a full time in-house rope access team. We can offer our customers both internal and external rope access work for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Roofing and Building Maintenance.

Our Rope Access Services can be used for:

About Us

We are a reliable, reputable and professional Glasgow Roofer, Building Repair, Rope Access and Historic Building Restoration Contractor. With over three decades of roofing experience to draw upon in both industrial and domestic projects, our mix of expertise and experience has seen us become one of the top rated difficult access building restoration and roofers in Glasgow.

rope access vegetation removal

Our building restoration work across the central belt of Scotland (covering everything from Stonework to Leadwork, Cladding and Lightning Protection Systems) is renowned. Our team of restoration experts are fully trained, qualified and certified to offer you the very best in professional building restoration and repairs.

We utilise the latest in equipment including aerial drones for roof surveys and inspections to ‘at height’ specialist rope access equipment so that we can access and repair all areas of a building, regardless of how difficult they are to access.

It is little wonder that after more than thirty five years of roofing and building maintenance across Glasgow, we have become the go to contractor for our customers in both domestic and industrial sectors who look for the very best in roof repairs and building restoration.