We talk a lot about stonework maintenance and repair in what we do but for so many homeowners across Glasgow, beyond brick and sandstone, they may not know that much about what homes use what types of building stonework.

So to help shed some light on the topic, we have put together a list of the various stones used for building construction across Scotland. Our experience in each is strong as we have been working on the stonework repairs on historic buildings, bungalows, townhouses and more across Glasgow for over 35 years.


The popular stone material used for building construction across Glasgow for so much of the cities history. Sandstone is commonly found in masonry works, historic bridges, river walls and so many of the historic buildings across Glasgow. Made of quartz and feldspar, sandstone comes in a variation of colours ranging from grey to red, brown to yellow, dark grey and white. While sandstone was a popular choice for building construction, its soft and easy weathering nature means that proper maintenance of the stonework is required to ensure it keeps its qualities. In Glasgow, so many of the historic buildings in the city are made from either Blonde Sandstone or Red Sandstone.


Popular and famous in Aberdeen, granite is an incredibly hard and durable stone material. With a low absorption rate, granite is good for fending off frost and weather.


You may only associate slate with the roofing element but slate stone can be found on paving slabs and pavements.


Limestone is not a suitable stone material for building structures but is ideal for flooring, pavements and as a base material in the use of cement mix.


Reserved for the use in mighty entranceways and hallways of some of the finer historic buildings in Glasgow, marble is a strong stone that polishes well and is commonly used for decorative features.


The most common building material of them all. Used to make walls, paths and other structures. Brick is made of clay-bearing soil, sand and lime.

For nearly four decades, we have been working on the careful stonework restoration of homes across Glasgow. Our experience, care and attention to detail has allowed us to excel in a competitive environment against other building maintenance firms. But our ‘ace’ up our sleeve is a combination of our skills and our ‘difficult access’ team. So many buildings across Glasgow can be difficult to access. Tall spires, odd angles of roofing and close, tight and busy streets can make it difficult or impossible for conventional scaffolding access. Our Rope Access team can overcome this and offer REAL cost savings over conventional access methods.

If you would like to know more about our stonework repair services, please contact our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 944 6100 or by emailing sales@balmore-ltd.co.uk